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Problems with WS Members - Reporting Negative Experiences

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Problems with WS Members - Reporting Negative Experiences

We have had very few reported incidents of problems with WS members over the entire life of the organization. There was one "reverend" who was taking advantage of members' hospitality, but very few other issues.

However, there have to be problems from time to time, and they should probably be reported to the membership.

Here's what I recommend: If you have a bad experience with a member (as host or as guest) please do two things;

  • Send a note to Roger
  • Post a negative "recommendation" on their profile. (Go to their profile on and where it says "click here to add a recommendation" at the bottom, add your concern.)

Of course, we don't want to do this without a significant reason, but if there is a significant reason to warn other members, it should be done.