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any bike tours that 2 cyclist can join?

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any bike tours that 2 cyclist can join?


I was in a group of 4 that bike tour in the Florida for a week, it was awesome! We average 20m/h ride for 500 mile ride.

My wife and I was thinking about join some groups that would ride around the west of the country. Is any recommendations, or anyone want to go for a week ride?

Please give me some thought, I was thinking about riding through the Rockies.


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Hi Joe.

Hi Joe.
I'm probably not going to be much help since I'm in Northern Europe, but a few "tips" to check out would be the warmshowers facebook page (this forum seems a little inactive to be honest). or reddit, either one of the state specific subreddits or even the bicycletouring one, lots more activity there.

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