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Warmshowers Host Andy Simmons in Austin Texas

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Warmshowers Host Andy Simmons in Austin Texas

This was my first experience with Warmshowers after hearing about it from another bicyclist one year ago. Andy and Ellen are two very smart and classy, warm and knowledgeable people and it was not only a pleasure meeting and talking with them but much did I learn too. They have this wonderful small cottage with a small kitchen that for me, so used to being in a tent, was really a treat. I left their home feeling refreshed not just in body, but in mind too. As a lawyer, Andy has worked on many important cases that have helped those who most need attention. 

I am thankful to Providence and Warmshowers for having met two people who are treasures in this world. 

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Welcome to Warmshowers.  He

Welcome to Warmshowers.  He sounds like the embodiement of the ideal member.  

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