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Australian family cycling Taiwan 16 Dec to 30 Jan 2018 Advice for camping

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Australian family cycling Taiwan 16 Dec to 30 Jan 2018 Advice for camping

Hello everyone,

Max, Fleur and 21 yo son Reuben are cycling Taiwan from Taouyan Aiport, first few nights in Zhlongi and then South on the West coast and then up the East coast. Our Taiwanese friend Belle will be coming with us part way so we will have some assistance with Chinese translation other than google translate.

Would appreciate advice re camping- where is OK, where is not suited and where we can have a shower.

We will camp most of the way in our tents. Welcome any people to tag along with us for a day or two, or let us know if we can have a shower and charge our electronics if needed.

We will get a local SIM at the airport and can add this to this post for ease of contacting us as well as warmshowers.

We would love to meet local people and hear of local rides we shouldn't miss. We are using open cycle maps and google maps:)

If you have any advice of what not to miss, or what not to do, and tips for camping we would appreciate this!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,

Fleur and Max Pedlar

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1. You are a group of4(3)

1. You are a group of4(3) people, 2 tents, so finding a place for a spontaneous wild camping will be difficult. On the east coast try recreation/scenic areas along your route, on the west coast  try river banks coming off the bridges.

Don’t count to find free showers, although there is no problem with access to tap water; buy a small camping shower -  plastic bag with a shower head, and you will be fine.

2. Visit local  tourist information offices to get info you need. 4 years ago one could get there free printed maps of Taiwan (a set of 4, or separate copies), titled Taiwan Tourist Map, which are good enough for sightseeing.

3. Taiwanese are very open and helpful, and asking a question would not leave you without assistance and situational involvement.

4. I used LPG “Taiwan” 2014, which is useful, edited having also cycling in mind.

5. Try to visit monastry Fo Guang Shan and stay there at its “pilgrim lodge”