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Rest Easy, Jay.

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Rest Easy, Jay.

A few days ago, I received a text from Jay asking if we could host him during his trip from NY to LA.  Jay was from S. Korea. Unfortunately, we couldn't host him. He was killed today while traveling from Sumter to Columbia, SC. 

I don't mean to be a downer with bringing this to the forum.  However, I just feel Jay's passing should be more than a top of the hour news item. 

Godspeed Jay. I wish things would have been different and that you were in my living room relaxing from the road right now.  

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May he rest in peace.

Our hearts are heavy from this sad sad news.

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Sadly, googling "cyclist

Sadly, googling "cyclist killed" shows many news item in that area. I found the following on WLTX: 

RICHLAND COUNTY, S.C. — The Richland County Coroner's Office say a cyclist from South Korea was killed in a crash in lower Richland County earlier this week. 

Sangyoon Jeon, 27, was on the third week of his journey riding his bike cross country and was making a stop here in Columbia.

On Monday afternoon, Jeon was riding his bike on Garners Ferry Road when he was hit by a delivery driver and killed.

Jeon was from South Korea, but was here traveling across America on his bike. The day he was struck, he was planning on staying in Columbia.

"Jeon sent me a text on Saturday asking, I mean in the most polite and beautiful way I've ever seen, if he could stay at my house on Monday," Scott Nuelken said. 

Nuelken was going to be Jeon's host. They met through an online cyclist community.

"Immediately I was excited to meet him. I knew it would be fun, great talking to him. I never have hosted anyone from South Korea, so I was really excited about it," Nuelken said.

Jeon never made it to Nuelken's home.

"It was pretty soul crushing once I realized what happened," Nuelken said.

Nuelken, president of Cola Town Bike Collective, was hoping for all other possibilities as to why Jeon never showed.

"I looked back at our text and saw he was coming from Darlington and I Google mapped it. And when I saw it told him to take 378, I immediately knew it was him," Nuelken said.

Jeon was on his third week of his journey. He started in New York, making his way down the east coast through North Carolina and Virginia. He had plans of being in Los Angeles by the beginning of the new year.

"A lot of these people, this is their one huge event, their holiday. This is a three to six month trek cross country to see how beautiful the U.S. is, and it's a big deal," Nuelken said. "There's a lot of planning that goes into these routes. For Jeon, this was probably his one shot to see all of the U.S."

Now, Nuelken hopes this serves as a wake-up call for drivers to pay more attention on the roads. 

"It's terrifying. There are roads in South Carolina I will never ride again," Nuelken said. They're just too dangerous and, unfortunately, where Jeon got hit is one of those areas where I would never ever, ever ride a bike. It's just deadly."

According to South Carolina Highway Patrol, this case remains under investigation.

"Unfortunately, South Carolina as a whole is very dangerous to ride bikes in," Nuelken said. "There are a few notable areas that are nice and a little bit safer, but not for surface riding. I mean, you have areas like Durham that has hundreds of miles of bike lanes. Atlanta, same thing. Even Athens has good bike infrastructure. But, for some reason, Columbia and Richland County as a whole are doing everything they can not to do that."  

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