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Are you planning your next trip?

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Adventure Cycling Weekend on the Natchez

Just getting ready to embark during this crazy pandemic. This will be my longest ride in 18 years. 55 miles per day for two days. End of September and getting nervous already.

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From Paris to Aix-en-Provence (France only)

Hi there,


I'll be riding from Paris to Aix-en-Provence starting the 14th and planning the end on the 19th.
Passing by Nevers, Vichy, Clermont-Ferrand, Le Puy-en-Velay and the Mont Ventoux, I am looking for hosts on the road.
I'd be happy and grateful to share some moments with people along the road.

Looking forward this new adventure !

Cheers and ride safe !



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Trip through the netherlands

Hello everyone,

starting with the 22nd of August I and my girlfriend are going to cycle through the netherlands for ~10 days. Starting at our house in Kempen (inbetween Venlo and Duisburg) we will be heading to first visit Nijmegen and Arnhem, next days Amersfoort, Utrecht, Amsterdam, then some hopefully nice weather conditioned days at the sea, cycling to Den Haag and Rotterdam and going further to 's-Hertogenbosch and Eindhoven. 

We love to visit and see ancient or interesting cities and places, having some days off cycling on our trips to get to see more or just to relax.

We woud be happy if there are some people willing to host us (M48/F54) or even join us for a part showing us some nice places of their homearea which are not overrun (Corona ist still out there). After sitting like 6 months just at home in home office and at our very rural homeplace, gardening we really need to see something different then the fields across the street, behind the house, right and left. :)

Here is our currently planned route


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Can I camp in your yard! Riding through Switzerland and Germany

Hello everyone,

I've been cycling for a week and decided to change routes and head for Swiss beauty and lovely Germany. I'm planning to take the hertzroute, then Lausanne to basel. Afterwards I will find my way through Germany to arrive in the Netherlands.

If you can host it would be greatly appreciated, a place to camp is all I need and I'm extra diligence. Would be awesome to meet some cyclists. Cheers!

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Depending on the time that

Depending on the time that you are arriving (from Basel to the netherlands, there is just 1 route - along the rhine :) ). You could camp here.

When ou leave the rhine between Düsseldorf and Krefeld, heading to the netherlands, you will find us 20km in front of the border (next to Venlo).

We are cycling from the 22nd to the 2nd of September through the NL ourselves. So we probably wont be here in that time. Just send us a msg.

Enjoy your ride, I love that area you are currently cycling at. 

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Thankyou for the offer!


Apologies for the delay but I've been on the road and changed my trip as I had to end it early for work. But I plan for another one in that region as I now have the bike bug and I read you're travelling as well.

Thanks a showerload for the offer and happy travels!!!

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Oslo, Göteborg

Hey there

Me (Friedrich) and my girlfriend Luca from Germany will travel from Trelleborg to Oslo in September. Our journey will end in Oslo 25/26 September. For this finish we still need accommodation. Our ferry leaves on Monday 28.09.2020 at 13:45. If you are willing to host us for some days we would be very happy to see you soon. (Germany got marked as "red zone" but we are travelling through Sweden for 10 days before - so no worries about your home getting our quarantine :) )
We also want to cycle through Göteburg arriving on 19/20.09 and staying for 1 day. So again reach out to us if you might have accommodation.

Luca and I don't need much to be happy. The shower can also be cold :P We like to chat and to meet you because we both are very interested in new people. See you soon - first try showering warm ;)

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Trips through the Netherlands

For this year I am not planning trips anymore. I did a few short (3 - 5 days) bicycle-camping trips this summer (so no WS). All starting from home and then going East or South. 

For the rest of this year I am only planning 1 day rides. I live in Meppel, which is an ideal town for riding in all different directions. Maybe someone wants to be my guest for a night? 

My original plan for this year was to tour during all month of June, going over the IJsselmeer by boat (Stavoren - Enkhuizen) and then riding through Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland, Noord-Brabant or Utrecht, Gelderland, Overijssel and back home. Or maybe the other way round. But that plan was over because of lockdown, closed campings, a.a. 

Now if everything goes better I want to do that planned trip next year. I still think June is the best month. Most nights I'll camp at 'Natuurkampeerterreinen', a few nights with family living along the route, but I would like to try some WS hosts too. 

I love planning long before the real trip. So if you want to be my host  next year... please contact. 


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Late spetembre Mediterranean trip


I'll be travelling from Torino, Italy to Marseille, France at the end of the month. I'll follow the Eurovelo8 for 450m. Let me know if anyone will be arround!

Have nice ride!

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Hey everybody! 

Hey everybody! 

So I'm planning on leaving from Barcelona in a few weeks going towards the UK. Not really got any specific stops other than one in Geneva Switzerland, but if anybody would like to join and give input on the route of course, it'd be great. 

Would also really appreciate it if any can offer warm showers and a bed (even if with this pandemia going on I have to ask).

Mostly be riding through france into swiss, then up towards the north. 

Well likely finish in London. 

Thanks very much and feel free to get in touch!


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Trans Am E to W to Pueblo, then NM, AZ, and cali

Hey yall. Somewhere around day 10 of my tour so far. Someone suggested using warmshowers, but Ive had trouble with the interface. Currently in eastern missouri, then will be making my way across kansas, colorado to pueblo, then try and head south through new mexico, arizona and on to southern california.

Would appreciate and advice or tips on anything! And if there are any hosts along the way, would love to be able to stay with you! And any riders, would enjoy linking up for any part of it. (with covid precautions of course)

 Safe travels,


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Bycicle tour

Hi friends...

We are planning to go cycle day tour to Ambivali caves on 18th October.ita arround 110Km too & fro.



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Providing Shelter

Hey :)

if you are planning to cycle through Berlin/ Potsdam, I'm happy to host you. I'm living in Potsdam, next to the train station, 30 minutes from Berlin. 

Safe travels


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Providing Shelter

Hey :)

if you are planning to cycle through Berlin/ Potsdam, I'm happy to host you. I'm living in Potsdam, next to the train station, 30 minutes from Berlin. 

Safe travels


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Host in Paris

Hi there!
I'm currently cycling from Ghent (Belgium) to the South of France, following eurovelo 3. By tomorrow evening I should arrive in Paris. Anybody able to host? 

Thanks in advance!


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This Friday November 6th, heading up from NYC to the Tappan Zee

Looking to do my second bike tour with my touring companion.  Looking for accommodations near the Tappan Zee Bridge, in Nyack or on the east side of the Hudson.  Any advice or offers are welcome.  We have gear to camp in someone's backyard if it is available.